Thursday, March 6, 2008

I Give This Ohio Election Issue An "F"

Look at pictures of the ballot boxes below, no security in those seals.

These make the post-it-note stickers in New Hampshire look like an armored truck in the way of security.

Folks, why would they make security so lame... "The Dumbass Excuse" applies here. Too stupid to actually seal the box. I must ask, where are the responsible adults?

I seem to remember video of New Hampshire's Assistant Secretary of State, David Scanlan being asked (I think this was compliments of Susan Pynchon), "Who ordered the stickers?" "Who is responsible?" Time for a repeat of that line of questioning here in Ohio. Scanlan did not have a decent answer. Video on this New Hampshire scene will be available at when it is ready.

The GOP site here asks why the ballots were driven with a person of one party. I don't know if they changed requirements specially for this afternoon pick up, but in Ohio, the ballots always go with one person, of one party. This is determined by which party won the most votes in the Gubernatorial Primary. Winner gets to have the precinct judge position, and drive the ballots for the next four years. It makes sense that a truck load would have more than one party represented in who does the transportation of the ballots. Unless they only picked up Democratic Precincts, this seems like a problem. Yet I believe the law is written that the precinct judge drives them. Cleveland does vote heavily Democratic. I would like to know who the photographer was of these pictures.

Heaven Help Us,

Paddy Shaffer

Director, The Ohio Election Justice Campaign

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