Wednesday, February 27, 2008

False Flag Security Alerts

Go to page three in this link, then to the video at the top of this page of videos. The picture is of a woman with glasses. Below is says this is by Videographer James Armstrong, and is Video number 183.

Title: ColsOHapplegate3
Date/time: 2006-11-07 16:57:12
Description: It's a warm fall day. So this volunteer questions why there is a row of large snow plows obstructing the view to the Board of Elections in Columbus. She asks officials and they tell her the plows are there for "homeland security".
Zip: 43214
Location: board of elections
Problem type: other
Videographer: James Armstrong
Video id: 183

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Ohio Election Justice Campaign Is Joining Project Vote Count

Protect our votes with!

The Ohio Election Justice Campaign is joining Project Vote Count in this GREAT election protection effort. We are gathering eager volunteers to conduct Citizen Exit Polls on March 4, 2008. As a Citizen Exit Pollster you will be asking voters to participate in an exit poll which will be like them casting their vote a second time. In Florida, they had a 70% response rate in some precincts.

The participants are quite happy to participate. You will often be thanked for doing what you are doing! Respondent voters will swear that they voted just as they did on the official ballot they just cast at the polls. They also sign and date their CEP ballot as an affidavit which makes their participation and vote irrefutable and legally defendable. What make a CEP different from an exit poll conducted by, for example, Zogby, is that we are volunteers, non-partisan citizens and are not paid by any political party, politician or media company and serve no poilitical agenda other than to verify official vote counts. We are not paid at all. And we tell people that. Then usually, we are thanked!

We are not allowed to campaign for any candidate while conducting CEP's. But, wouldn't it be great to defend your candidate's vote in a non-manipulated, honest way, by taking back your power collecting genuine election data? To get REAL numbers on how we voted and not rely on central tabulation? CEP's may prove to be necessary. Jennifer Brunner has told the precincts they do not have to post precinct results. WHAT??? This makes citizen Exit Polls all the more critical.

Brunner is also making sure any automatic recount will be centrally tabulated which means that we will have to rely on precinct totals that your county BOE SAYS were the results. Back to "Just Trust Us" elections. NO WAY!! Project EVEREST proved results can be manipulated. And we know human nature, don't we? Elections are not about "Just Trust Us" anymore.

People who have been CEP pollster's say that it is actually a really fun and enriching experience. It is a long day but if you have enough people you can do morning and afternoon shifts. Three volunteers per shift are good for a precinct of two to three hundred voters. Get four for a precinct with seven hundred voters or more.

Let's catch them in the act. The only people who are going to keep them honest are you and me. GO TO and follow the links to sign up in your county or come and join your nearest CEP in a neighboring county, or lead your own CEP as a Project Coordinator where you live. This is how we fight back as citizens against a machine determined to keep our vote counts secret from YOU.

We are the people and the only people who are going to make sure our vote counts is YOU. Contact Marj Creech at, 740-739-1390 or me Victoria Parks 614-851-1437 and make sure you sign up at


Victoria Parks
Ohio Election Justice Campaign in cooperation with Project Vote Count

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Your Personal Signature Used By The State


by Jane Schiff

The title and content of this Public Diary was emailed individually to each of the following officials on Saturday, February 16, 2008: Marc Dann, Attorney General of Ohio, Richard Colianese, Assistant Attorney General , State of Ohio, Jennifer Brunner, Ohio Secretary of State and Richard Cordray, Treasurer, State of Ohio. As of today, Friday, February 22, 2008 I haven't yet received any responses.


Wednesday, February 13, 2008

My husband and myself obtained new Ohio Drivers' Licenses (although we had current licenses, we had moved precincts) at the BMV on Thursday, January 24, 2008, to avoid having to cast Provisional Ballots. On Friday, January 25, 2008 we updated our voter registration cards in person at The Hamilton County Ohio Board of Elections to avoid having to cast Provisional Ballots. We were given the Acknowledgment Notices with the new precinct information in person at The Hamilton County Ohio Board of Elections. In the past, we had received those types of cards, by mail, despite registering also in times past, in person at The Hamilton County Board of Elections.

Monday, February 11, 2008

A Second Acknowledgement Notice arrived in our mail for my husband with a Barcode on it. I didn't get a Second Acknowledgement Notice. I immediately contacted Ann Strasser (513) 632 - 7036at The Hamilton County Ohio Board of Elections. Ann and I spoke from 5:45 p.m. - 6:00 p.m. Ann said that the BMV AUTO - FILLED the Ohio BMV's voter registration cards but insisted we signed them on January 24, 2008 at the Redbank Road Deputy Registrar's Office at this branch of the Ohio BMV. Ann told me that she would mail copies of those "Voter Registration Cards" that were AUTO - FILLED OUT that again - she insisted that we had signed. Ann examined our data further and determined the following:

My husband and I were serviced by two different persons at the same BOE because we made separate trips on the same day. Ann said that during reconciliation of data, Question #24 was erroneously answered by the typists doing the reconciliation for my husband. In a nutshell, the question is phrased "Send Duplicate Notice?" The typist who was reconciling my husband's data INCORRECTLY typed "YES" IN ANSWER TO THAT QUESTION. Apparently, the person who typed the answer to Question #24 on my data answered the question "Send Duplicate Notice" CORRECTLY by typing "NO." Ann said I won't be getting a second card.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008:

We received these documents from Ann Strasser at The Hamilton County Ohio Board of Elections.

These documents are disturbing. Our signatures and our responses to 2 Voting Inquiry Questions at the top, were used without our knowledge and consent at The Bureau of Motor Vehicles without revealing that one of the purposes was to register us to vote.

1. Are you a U.S. citizen? YES box NO box

2. Will you be at least 18 years of age on or before the next general election?

YES box NO box

"If you answered NO to either of the questions, do not complete this form."


I am also complaining about the accuracy of MY AUTO - FILLED info. The information intended for my previous address appeared as my current address with an erroneous apartment number during the process of WHAT I THOUGHT WAS JUST A DRIVER'S LICENSE RENEWAL AND MERGING OF DATA. I told Maria, the clerk to fix it. She said she would but evidently failed to do so. I expect all of the errors to be corrected.

I'm cognizant of The Real ID Act and all related "bechmarks" requiring the "seamless merging" of The Ohio Secretary of State/The Department of Homeland Security/The Ohio Department of Public Safety/The Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles.

All of you have a responsibility to inform citizens that when they get their Drivers' Licenses renewed, that all of your agencies as I itemized above have gone far afield re: Homeland Security Requirements.

Although I am a Voter Rights activist with The Ohio Election Justice Campaign I feel you have violated all Ohio Citizens' Constitutional Rights NOT TO VOTE IF THEY SO CHOOSE NOT TO VOTE by making people THINK that they are simply renewing Ohio Drivers' Licenses and merging data.

I am not a Jehovah's Witness, but I know some people are. My best guess is that Jehovah's Witnesses expect high levels of Homeland Security like other citizens; but literally sticking license renewal info onto Voter Registration cards with AUTO - FILL and thenUSING SIGNATURES WITHOUT PERMISSION is UNCONSTITUTIONAL for anybody and interferes with the right of Jehovah's Witnesses to practice their faith by remaining apolitical.


Figure out the software issues - don't take it out on We The People.

I don't believe for one minute that HAVA calls for phony voter registration cards with our signatures TAKEN without our knowledge, informed consent and permission.

I await your responses.


Jane Schiff, Ohio Election Justice Campaign

Monday, February 18, 2008

Power To The "We the People"

By Dan Stanton

Although most nonpartisan computer engineers and academics agree that all the current systems of electronic vote counting are not to be trusted and easily subject to manipulation and fraud, our elections officials discount the evidence and continue the use this technology. Vote counting has been outsourced to private election system companies. Boards of election officials depend on these companies to run the vote counting process. When there are problems these companies send technicians who “fix” the problems. These technicians are not government officials and subject to no background checks.

As an election reform activist and member of the Ohio Election Justice Campaign it has become abundantly clear that public oversight is discouraged and increasingly excluded from the election system.

Attempts to address concerns with Ohio Representatives, Secretary of State, Attorney General, and the media have largely fallen on deaf ears.

It is understandable when you realize today’s culture is one of partisanship and polarization, where gamesmanship, fraud and corruption is the rule of the day. Morality, ethics, right and wrong is sidelined for the benefit of political partisanship.

As a result the average citizen understandably wants no actual personal involvement in the political process. With public oversight now seriously lacking, it is only natural that there is a general sense of hopelessness and powerlessness.

The first step to making Ohio and this country less polarized and more unified has to be more citizen oversight of the election process. Discovery and official public documentation of election crimes and irregularities is crucial. Law enforcement should support and encourage people to file official police reports documenting irregularities encountered not only at the polling places and the board of elections, but anywhere in the government. This puts problems on an official public record for all to see and acknowledge.

Filing official police reports will serve to give citizens a sense of empowerment and enable the law enforcement community to be more aware of citizen concerns before they become more serious public altercations.

From the psychological point of view, for a true sense of wellbeing and happiness people need have some sense of control. Until our government becomes more than just a partisan two party system, documentation of crimes is important. Maybe over time the weight of documented evidence will stimulate “the people” to overcome partisan two party politics and demand a more progressive, moral, and ethical future.

Dan Stanton

Sunday, February 17, 2008

VoteRescue Radio New Hampshire Recount

Here are the Archive links.

Sun., February 17, 2008: Playlists: M3U | RAM (Individual MP3s: Hr1 Hr2 )

found here

Hello from Radio Land!

This Sunday, February 17, from 2-4pm Central time, VoteRescue Radio will be focusing on a New Hampshire recount update and we are proud to announce we will have as our guest ALBERT HOWARD, the Republican Presidential candidate who is responsible for filing and paying for the statewide recount which just completed there last Monday the 11th. On New Hampshire Primary Election Day, January 8th, Albert watched his totals go FROM 178 votes DOWN to 44 votes; this began his commitment to find the truth of what really happened on Election Day.

We will also be talking with BOB SCHULZ, founder of We the People Foundation and instigator of the 50 state NCEL (National Clean Election Lawsuit) which was filed against every Secretary of State or Board of Elections in the nation for allowing electronic voting machines to be used, counter to the Constitution; Bob spent considerable time at the recount and gathered relevant data comparing final results of ballots that had originally been counted by hand to those counted by Diebold optical scan counters; he is about to complete this report and will share them during the show.

WALTER REDDY, founder of Liberty Broadcast Network, (an election results reporting website and source for election affidavits) who was present in New Hampshire both on January 8th for the Primary, and for the entire Republican recount; Walter played various roles there, from citizen videographer; to observor of the actual counting, to providing moral support and assistance to Albert; to following/chasing the van and police car driven by "Butch and Hoppy" which retrieved the boxes of ballots from the various towns and brought them back to the State Archive Building in Concord to be counted. He and Massachusetts election reform activist Carolyn Sharpe (another dedicated volunteer who helped organize the recount observors and who videotaped events there) were present on Friday to film Albert Howard filing the Appeal with Secretary of State William Gardner

We'll also be talking to ABBE WALDMAN DELOZIER, Co-Editor with Vickie Karp of "HACKED! High Tech Election Theft in America", Board Member of Election Defense Alliance (EDA) and PR Director for Coalition for Visible Ballots, and SALLY CASTLEMAN , co-founder and National Chair of EDA , both of whom, along with Vickie, co-authored the Petition for Appeal of the recount (with assistance from Nancy Tobi, Jonathan Simon, Bev Harris, and others) which was filed this past Friday, February 15th, with 30 minutes to spare from the 5pm Eastern deadline.

The New Hampshire recount has been a dramatic and critical piece of evidence gathering on chain of custody issues, well-documented by BEV HARRIS of Black Box Voting and others; the challenge to this recount will allow more time for yet more evidence to be discovered and publicized.

Other primary election updates and evidence gathering in Florida and around the country will be covered!

The show can be heard on the radio in the Austin area at 90.1 FM; is streaming live on (for "We the People Radio Network"), AND, can be heard OVER THE PHONE at 512/485-9010!

This is a CALL-IN show The call-in numbers are: 1-888-202-1984, and in the Austin area, or if you have unlimited long distance, the number is 512-646-1984. Not sure how many calls we'll be able to take on this show with all the interviews, but we'll do our best!

Hope to "see" and hear you "On the Air" on Sunday!

WE ARE WINNING--because of citizens like YOU!!

With thanks for your support,

Vickie and Karen

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Commissioners Show interest in "DRE Product Liability Suit"

Commissioners Show interest in "DRE Product Liability Suit"
By General Bruce - Feb 14th, 2008 at 6:16 am EST

Franklin County OHIO Commissioner Brooks said,
when my question of "getting our money back for the DRE (Touch Screen) voting machines which have been shown to be faulty" to the Top two Franklin County BOE personal was directed to the Commissioners or County Prosecutor,

"and if I might say, I would certainly be open to that, um we'll we'll take a look at that, it's been discussed um at the County Commissioners State Board Meeting, and a lot of people around the State are very concerned about the money that has been spent on these machines, um but first and foremost we want everyone to have confidence in the vote, and to have a good um tabulation."

PG (Peace General)Bruce said, "Yes yes thank you."

OEJC Franklin County Commissioners -short- 2-12-08>1:14 minutes

OEJC Franklin County Commissioners 2-12-08 >16 minutes

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Major Network TV Producer: "You, the Citizens, are the New Media" on "Voice of the Voters!"

Please help circulate,,,and tune in too,,this is going to be info you will want to hear,,,and use Thanks
                                                  ROLL THE NEW “PRESSES”


  A major Network TV Producer who has reached the pinnacle of her career in Traditional Media, and is now  moving to the"New Media" will tell us why We the People are becoming more powerful than mainstream media, the factors that have led to disgust and distrust with the corporate-controlled mainstream media, and what we need to do to communicate effectively 


An award winning producer (including prize for Ethics in Journalism) of original blockbuster features and investigations for 60 Minutes, 20/20, Dateline, and Nightline says the networks as "old media" are now fighting to keep up with the you-- the "net generation. ” Tune in for fascinating, thought- provoking, provocative and useful discussion.



on "Voice of the Voters!"

Wednesday, February 13, 8 pm ET

Heard on 1360 AM Greater Philadelphia

& the Internet or




                   How did Your voice become more Powerful than traditional Media?


What are the signs that people-- viewers and listeners began to feel they were being kept in the dark? 

When did citizens become weary of the polished entertainment that is supposed to be news?





How has citizen journalism taken over the reigns of communication in the U.S. and how can you be effective?


The mainstream media knows new media is coming through the window - how can citizen journalists keep a foothold in the face of corporate ambitions?


What are the mistakes and tips that will show YOU how to effectively get the word out?


                                       Balance in reporting


                                       Following the Law


                                       Documenting Everything you Can


                                       Getting the Word Out.


The Net Generation is here with citizen journalism.  What are YOU going to do about it? Tune in and get important tips if you want to make an impact and get your message heard!


Plus discussion on how mainstream media has changed, how the role of the fourth estate was meant and then was "contained", the impact on America …and comments on some key stories you read, hear and see  including:


Why haven't there been more stories on election problems?


Why is Congress not leading needed change in America?



Voice of the Voters, hosted by Mary Ann Gould, plus news update from John Gideon of Voters Unite,  is devoted to voting rights and election reform. Ultimately it is an exploration of Representative Democracy itself and the responsibilities of citizens and their elected representatives. It airs every Wednesday night at 8:00 PM ET on 1360 AM and on the Internet. (

Dial-up Internet users: Please turn off all other programs in order to receive clearest broadcast.

Archived Voice of the Voters shows are available here.


Coalition for Voting Integrity


Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Quarantine That Machine! Citizen Action To Take Back Our US Elections

The Ohio Election Justice Campaign Announces
Quarantine That Machine!
Citizen Action To Take Back Our US Elections

If the voting machine you use, behaves in an illegal manner, it should
be treated as part of a crime scene. The theft of your vote is a crime by the voting machine & its vendors against YOU. Treat it as such.

What should I do, you ask?

If the touch screen voting machine you vote on in 2008, or at any time in the future, is behaving in a manner that appears illegal, it should be investigated.

What to look for, including but not limited to:
Vote Hopping – This is when you vote for a candidate or an issue, and your vote hops and goes to another candidate or issue on the screen. We are generally told it is a calibration problem. For the voter, this means your vote is not recorded for who or what you intended. You have been robbed.

Paper Tape records other than what you voted – Please take the time to read the paper tape when you vote. If you find that the tape prints something other than what you voted, remember…there are many problems with the machines counting our votes in secret. There is no way to verify that the machine counted your vote as you see it on the screen, nor as the paper tape reads. Yet, if there is a recount audit, the paper record is the voting record. Your vote will be counted as the paper trail reads at such an audit. The paper tape should read the same information as what you voted. If you wear glasses, bring them, some tapes are printed very light, and therefore are hard to read.

Take Action!
Tell the Poll Worker / Election Judge what happened. Let them know you want the voting machine pulled from use in the election. IMPORTANT! Do not harm or manipulate the machine. It needs to bet in the “same condition” for any forensic investigation. Tell the poll worker not to manipulate the machine in an effort to correct the problem. The most important step of taking action is then filing a police report with local law enforcement to document this possible case of election fraud. The statistics later will document how widespread the problem is.

Typical reflexes to expect to your complaint:
The reflex action of a typical judge when told that a voting machine is malfunctioning is to try to help the voter to get the machine working properly. But, when the malfunction is a mismatch between the faceplate and the paper trail, the normal “be-helpful” response many result in the destruction of evidence in a crime scene.

Let us say that a voting machine had been reprogrammed to flip every twentieth vote from candidate XX to candidate YY. Such an occasional “malfunction” would not provide an easy-to-detect pattern. Further, it would be reasonable to assume that such a reprogrammed machine would also be set to discontinue using the flipping subroutine when someone tries to correct the apparent “malfunction” by, for example, canceling and re-voting.

Therefore, it seems reasonable for Poll Workers and Election Judges to be trained on how to react when a voting machine has a mismatch between the faceplate and the paper trail, or for a vote that hops.

(a) Have the voter move away from the machine. Thank the voter for catching the discrepancy, and explain to him/her what just happened.
(b) Place an OUT OF ORDER sign on the machine and report the “malfunction” to independent law enforcement and notify the Board of Elections or election officials in your state of the problem. Then treat the problem voting machine as evidence in a possible crime scene.
(c) Restart the voter on another machine, or on a paper ballot that will be counted, not a provisional ballot that “may” be counted.

Empowering the Voters and Poll Workers for Detecting Possible
Election Fraud and Demanding Legal Investigation

A Special Note for Poll Workers and Election Officials
You are the public guardians of our elections. Please quarantine any machine for which a voter tells you of problems, asks for it to be quarantined, or any that you are aware is malfunctioning in a suspicious manner; regardless of whether the voter knows that they may request this. Please treat voters with respect if they ask to Quarantine The Machine, and do not push the buttons, or manipulate the machine in any way. Treat the machine as part of a crime scene. Contact Law Enforcement to pick up the machine and investigate it, and write it up. Let the Board of Elections, or other proper election officials above you know what has happened. A forensic examination of the machine is needed, to study why it malfunctioned. It is our hope that law enforcement will confiscate these machines as possible evidence and assist the public to get such a study done. These machines should not be returned to your local election officials but rather quarantined by independent investigative authorities. We realize that there is going to be a huge problem. How do you get the existing votes out of such a machine? It is our hope, that you will let them sit, and wait for the needed investigation.

In Ohio on December 17th, Michael W. Deemer, Chief Deputy Attorney General for Government Affairs of the Ohio Attorney General’s office, and two other legal staff members were informed of the Quarantine The Machine program. His phone number is (614) 728-5462. They were asked to put something in place across the state of Ohio, and across the nation via the other state Attorneys General, to prepare for this program. A prepared written plan for law enforcement is needed, and has been requested. These proper authorities should have qualified individuals available to investigate the voting machines that are quarantined on election night.

If the state of Ohio is not ready to deal with the citizen action of Quarantine That Machine, and the nations law enforcement has not been warned, you might want to call Chief Deputy Deemer and ask why. As of this date, February 4, 2008, and according to his office staff, nothing is in place now. They have informed the OEJC they will only prepare law enforcement if the Secretary of State requests them to. The Attorney General's office has been advised by the OEJC to prepare Ohio, and to let the other Attorneys General across the nation know this is coming. Prepare your Attorney General in your state, they may not know.

For questions and press inquires, contact Paddy Shaffer, Director,
The Ohio Election Justice Campaign, (614) 761-0621 ,

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Foreclosures And Bankruptcies Are About To Savage The Voter Registration Bases

WATCH OUT!!! More Provisional Voting

By Jane Schiff,
Ohio Election Justice Campaign
February 3, 2008

This is urgent re: VOTER REGISTRATION, Provisional Voting, Absentee Voting and Regular Voting and EMERGENCIES faced by people who have had their dwellings foreclosed on, or have had to file bankruptcies and or have been rendered homeless.

Due to the rate of foreclosures and bankruptcy filings across Hamilton County (Cincinnati), Ohio as well as the rest of the nation I believe Ohio's March 4, 2008 Presidential Primary and other states' Primaries are at stake. Notwithstanding the ambiguous language in the former "best of times" about instructing poll workers and officials about the who, when, where and why of CASTING PROVISIONAL BALLOTS, we now are facing imminent potentially mortal blows to the Voter Registration Process and the potential for the powers that be to permanently terminate our rights as fought for, by We The People.

A media release dated January 7, 2008 was issued by Julie Ehrhart, a Public Information Officer from The Ohio Department of Public Safety announced that there is a server problem here and in every state.

"The American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators acts as a portal through which all states must access federal databases in order to verify information before being allowed to issue any driver license or state ID card." Julie Ehrhart, the above Public Information Officer from The Ohio Department of Public Safety said "there is not estimated time as to when the server will be completely functional." She is " urging all driver license and state ID card applicants to call their local Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) Deputy Registrar Agency before driving to the location since it is possible that the transaction may not be able to be processed."

My husband encountered an outage in September of 2006 when he went to the Downtown Cincinnati Branch of the Ohio BMV to get another driver's license with an updated address due to our having to move. He was told to leave because "the system was down."

Evidently, these longstanding problems have remained longstanding problems but now have the potential to further erode our rights to CAST PROVISIONAL VOTES, ABSENTEE VOTES AND REGULAR VOTES IN OUR PRESIDENTIAL PRIMARIES FOR 2008.

What kind of emotional and physical resources do these American families have while they are undergoing foreclosures, bankruptcies, and trying to obtain new living arrangements while having to go to work at the same time?

Absentee Request Forms For Voting And Websites In Ohio Have Problems.

By Paddy Shaffer
Director, The Ohio Election Justice Campaign

February 3, 2008

Last night I received information from several of our wonderful alert election activists in Dayton, Ohio, that Montgomery County's Board of Elections has a problem with it's online absentee ballot request form. It seems that if you fill it in as a Democrat, it won't hold that information on the form. If you fill it in as a Republican, an Other Party (and you must specify that party), or that you are voting only on issues, it will retain the check mark for that information. The website is at: The problem here is that if you know you checked the box before printing the form off, many people might not go back and check the boxes after it is printed off. If you didn't tell them you want a Democratic Party ballot to vote absentee on, and nothing is checked... what will you get? Is Voting in Ohio a game of skill, or a game of chance?

Here is an article on this that showed up yesterday:
I made the request to some of my Ohio researchers to comb through the websites for our 88 counties to look at the absentee forms for requesting an absentee ballot. I was pleased to wake up this morning and find most of that work already completed by Jennifer Alexander.

While she was looking, she also reported on the health of the websites, and a report on all of this will be coming soon for the nation to see. Of importance now to all of you... surprise, surprise (imagine Gomer Pyle saying this), Ohio has problems, and your state might also.

One county, Shelby says to fax the form in. For Warren (the Homeland Security Lockdown County) and Montgomery it says: "NO FAXED ABSENTEE APPLICATION REQUESTS ARE PERMITTED BY LAW". Some counties ask for you to qualify to be allowed to vote absentee, and only people with a few predetermined reasons can ask for an absentee ballot. Ohio has for the last several years had a no fault absentee ballot, anyone can request one, and Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner is promoting it. One county is asking for the full Social Security number, when they are only allowed to ask for the last four digits. It is enough to say, the whole country needs combed over. If others are able to get this done, let me know. We could combine the reports to give an overview on the health of the nation on the websites and applications for absentee ballots, and voter registration forms. If anyone is able to undertake this, please let me know.

In 2006, Sherole Eaton and I gathered the voter registration forms from many of Ohio's counties from public libraries. This is one of the places that then Secretary of State Ken Blackwell's website said to pick up such a form. Some of the forms were adequate, but many of the forms were outdated, asking for information no longer needed, or not asking for the current identification requirements. If a voter sent those in, the election officials would not have the right information to register the voter.

Please look at the data in your state, and if you get that done, and can adopt another state, please do so. We are all in this together. Sink or swim. Please let me know what states are being studied, and we will work out a way to file a group report. Thanks!

Friday, February 1, 2008

A Special 2008 Subpoena (Regarding The 2004 Ohio Election) For Blackwell From Conyers

Paddy Shaffer
Director, The Ohio Election Justice Campaign

February 1, 2008

J. Kenneth BLACKWELL refuses to come and testify before the wonderful Congressman John Conyers and the House Subcommittee on the Constitution, Civil Rights and Civil Liberties. It appears a subpoena may be needed.

Updated information compliment of an article by Jon Craig from the Cincinnati Enquirer, some details on Blackwell and the possible subpoena are provided below this article.

Why is it that Ken Blackwell is still walking the streets of this nation? Why is it that the election officials, for which citizens have documented the alleged election crimes of 2004 (and more since then) are still running our elections? How wonderful that a congressman from Michigan, (the state from up north... for you Buckeye fans) shines as a hero in addressing our Ohio problem, which became the nation and the worlds problem... more years of George W. Bush pretending to be the president, and his illegitimate appointments running the country. Since the FBI, CIA, Ohio's past and current Attorney General's, Petro and Dann, and our current Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner, the county prosecutors, and the Ohio Highway Patrol can't look into the landfill sized crime documentation pile of our rotting, and stinky election nightmare scenario. This bit of horrible theater is loaded with real people that should be locked up in jail. We are needing a hero, thanks Congressman Conyers, it seems there are very few real men in Ohio, and most of the women leaders aren't doing much better.

Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner now has in her possession, over 2200 boxes of the 2004 election records. It should be more. 57 of Ohio's 88 counties destroyed or disposed of (or lost, or spilled coffee on, or shredded, or flooded, or had the Green Team pick up, etc) those election records. The good news is... there still is enough evidence to prove the case that the Ohio 2004 election was stolen, and we the people have the evidence, and we can point to which precinct ballots need looked at. For instance, Delaware County ballots show both the rigging of the US Presidential Election, and of the Ohio Supreme Court. Janet Brenneman was Director of the Delaware County Board of Elections in 2004. To make sure that Ohio is ready for the 2008 election (of which we so often hear is the only thing the top election officials of the state can do), under the guidance of our new Democratic Leaders... Janet Brenneman is again the Director of the Delaware County Board of Elections. How special. Is this what being ready looks like? And this is just one of many problem counties.

It is 2008, another Presidential election year. J. Kenneth Blackwell still walks the streets of this nation, and I hope Congressman John Conyers sends him a subpoena! Michigan and Ohio... Will a Wolverine save the Buckeyes?


The link for the below article:

By Jon Craig

Blackwell could be subpoenaed
Former Ohio Secretary of State Ken Blackwell has been asked to testify next Friday in Washington, D.C., by the House Subcommittee on the Constitution, Civil Rights and Civil Liberties.The topic: "Voter Suppression," according to this letter sent Tuesday to Blackwell, who now works for the Family Research Council, Buckeye Institute and other conservative policy groups.The House Judiciary Committee, chaired by U.S. Rep. John Conyers Jr., a Michigan Democrat, is investigating election irregularities, including long lines and challenges to voter registrations.Blackwell, a Republican from Cincinnati, said he received the invitation, "however, my schedule will not permit me to attend the hearings."Jonathan Godfrey, a Conyers spokesman, said Blackwell has not responded and could be subpoenaed if he doesn't appear voluntarily."I don't think it's unlikely," Godfrey said today of a subpoena.But it would take a majority vote of committee members to issue a subpoena, probably delaying the day Blackwell would be asked to appear, according to Godfrey."As we look forward to the 2008 Presidential Election, the Committee seeks to explore policies that should be implemented to avoid future voting problems and ensure that every American can exercise their right to vote," Conyers and Subcommittee Chairman Jerrold Nadler wrote in their invitation to Blackwell.Blackwell said, "For a better understanding of Ohio’s voting performance during the 2004 election, I recommend Chairmen Conyers and Nadler review the U.S. Census Bureau’s 2004 post-election analysis."The Census Bureau found Ohio experienced record voter turnout among both African-American voters and those between the ages of 18 to 24, he said."In addition, voter registration rolls grew by one million new voters from the year before and voter turnout increased by one million more voters from the previous presidential election," Blackwell said.
Labels: Columbus, Washington
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