Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Major Network TV Producer: "You, the Citizens, are the New Media" on "Voice of the Voters!"

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                                                  ROLL THE NEW “PRESSES”


  A major Network TV Producer who has reached the pinnacle of her career in Traditional Media, and is now  moving to the"New Media" will tell us why We the People are becoming more powerful than mainstream media, the factors that have led to disgust and distrust with the corporate-controlled mainstream media, and what we need to do to communicate effectively 


An award winning producer (including prize for Ethics in Journalism) of original blockbuster features and investigations for 60 Minutes, 20/20, Dateline, and Nightline says the networks as "old media" are now fighting to keep up with the you-- the "net generation. ” Tune in for fascinating, thought- provoking, provocative and useful discussion.



on "Voice of the Voters!"

Wednesday, February 13, 8 pm ET

Heard on 1360 AM Greater Philadelphia

& the Internet or




                   How did Your voice become more Powerful than traditional Media?


What are the signs that people-- viewers and listeners began to feel they were being kept in the dark? 

When did citizens become weary of the polished entertainment that is supposed to be news?





How has citizen journalism taken over the reigns of communication in the U.S. and how can you be effective?


The mainstream media knows new media is coming through the window - how can citizen journalists keep a foothold in the face of corporate ambitions?


What are the mistakes and tips that will show YOU how to effectively get the word out?


                                       Balance in reporting


                                       Following the Law


                                       Documenting Everything you Can


                                       Getting the Word Out.


The Net Generation is here with citizen journalism.  What are YOU going to do about it? Tune in and get important tips if you want to make an impact and get your message heard!


Plus discussion on how mainstream media has changed, how the role of the fourth estate was meant and then was "contained", the impact on America …and comments on some key stories you read, hear and see  including:


Why haven't there been more stories on election problems?


Why is Congress not leading needed change in America?



Voice of the Voters, hosted by Mary Ann Gould, plus news update from John Gideon of Voters Unite,  is devoted to voting rights and election reform. Ultimately it is an exploration of Representative Democracy itself and the responsibilities of citizens and their elected representatives. It airs every Wednesday night at 8:00 PM ET on 1360 AM and on the Internet. (

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Archived Voice of the Voters shows are available here.


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