Thursday, November 22, 2007


The Case for Voting Systems Recall, Return, and Refund (Part I)

photo collage by Victoria Parks, 2007

Ohio Election Justice Campaign Press Conference of November 21, 2007.
This is 107 days after a meeting was requested with Jennifer Brunner, The Ohio Secretary of State, and Mark Dann, The Ohio Attorney General to begin the discussion of dealing with the need for investigation, prosecution, and a way for the public to follow the progress. So far, they have not agreed to meet with this growing national group, and their main comment for every question is "We are looking forward to 2008, we are getting ready for 2008", yet we have noticed that while they do this they also ignore a very troubling past.

As today is Thanksgiving, November 22, 2007... we have only 39 days until it is 2008, a presidential election year, and according to Secretary Brunner, absentee ballots go out in January. The continuing research by The Ohio Election Justice Campaign shows that more needs investigated now, not less. It seems Secretary Brunner has now inserted lobbyists of the voting machine companies into the picture. We hope that many things can be worked out for the benefit of the people, with Secretary Brunner and Attorney General Dann.

Artists Creating Justice members... Paddy Shaffer and Victoria Parks sculpted a large roasted turkey sculpture to help get the points of the Ohio Election Justice Campaign out to the world... The OEJC asks to "Toss Out These Turkeys" in reference to the Diebold, ES&S, and Hart Intercivic Voting Machines.

Thanks and Blessings to Progress Ohio for hosting our Press Conference!

Many Thanksgiving "Thanks" to Peace General Bruce for the below video of this press conference.

OEJC Press Conference, Columbus, Ohio, USA >11-21-2007 (part-1-)

OEJC Press Conference, Columbus, Ohio, USA >11-21-2007 (part-2-)


A blog article by Columbus Dispatch reporter Mark Niquette (who was out of town on holiday and not at the press conference, but did give us some coverage - thank him) is in the below link. This has a place below for comments. Please add one.

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