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Fwd: ES&S technician Sam Hogsett Manipulates Tabulators at 2004 Recount, also works in Michigan, and more...

The fate of the nation and the world can depend on Ohio...

Ohio Elections Outcomes Are Determined by people who

Manipulate Tabulators and do Butt Busting during a Recount such

as Sam Hogsett:


The two letters at the bottom of this article are but a window into the chilling thoughts of one man, authorized by multiple Ohio counties and Michigan to be counting our votes.  These letters were found in 2006 as Letters to the Editor from Sam Hogsett with a Crown City, Ohio address. Dr. Richard Hayes Phillips and myself found these while researching some of the colorful characters involved in the alleged theft of the United States Presidential 2004 Election in Ohio.


Crown City is on the southeastern boarder of Ohio, next to the Ohio River and West Virginia.  Sam Hogsett has shown up in several Ohio counties where there is a strong need for legal investigation and it would likely follow with the need for prosecution of alleged violations of election laws. 


 Delaware county is just one, and I was an actual witness of alleged illegal behavior during the 2004 recount, which involved election officials Kim Spangler and Janet Brenneman and was done in front of Chris Betts who is a Delaware County Prosecutor.  Hogsett was allowed to manipulate the keyboard for the computer on the tabulator, load the punch card ballots, and call out the precinct totals, all during the final few hours of the recount.  This happened after Janet had a precinct where she had trouble getting the numbers to work, and had spent time crunching numbers on her old fashioned adding machine. 


I spoke with Kathy Spinelli, at the Ohio Secretary of State's (SOS) office earlier this year about my concerns with Sam Hogsett.  That they should become aware of where he was working and what he was doing, and to let Michigan officials know that he is also in their state.  A 9-25-07 record request I sent, asking to know all the Ohio Counties that ES&S technician Sam Hogsett has worked in, and the dates, went to the SOS office.  On 11-5-07 Election Council Brian Green's reply states that, "This office does not maintain the information you seek.  Please direct your inquiry to ES&S or the county boards of elections."  It is my understanding that as ES&S is a private company, their records are private, another form of outsourcing our elections.  If the things that have happened regarding this man are an alleged violation of the law, an investigation is needed.  The first thing that would be needed would be to know where he has worked.  Kathy Spinelli left me feeling confident that it would be looked into early in the year... I don't feel confident they are looking at all now, and I don't understand how this fits into the picture of "we are getting ready for 2008", the statement we have repeatedly been told as to why no one in a position of authority on Ohio elections will turn their heads and look any other direction... other than forward.  Sometimes it is very wise to look to the side, and even behind oneself to know where you are and what stinky stuff you are standing in.


Back to Delaware... The Director of the Delaware County Board of Elections, Janet Brenneman was so pleased with Sam Hogsett that during the 2004 recount, she was butt busting with him... where you swing your hips back and forth like dancing, and both people bump repeatedly into one another.  Now really, is that appropriate with a big audience made of citizens, election observers, BOE workers, the County Prosecutor Chris Betts, all in attendance watching?  Not to sound prudish, but it really seemed like something more appropriate for a private time.  It also made me wonder just how well Janet the BOE Director and Sam the technician knew each other?


 Additional research I have done shows that Sam Hogsett also works for ES&S as a technician in the state of Michigan.   


According to the ES&S contract with Michigan...

I found Sam Hogsett, page 113

2004 ES&S contract with Michigan (third sending)


"Sam Hogsett has over fifteen years of Technical Field Service experience, and has served as Field Service Technician for ES&S for more than twelve years.  His current responsibilities include implementation, maintenance, and support of all ES&S hardware and software installed in ES&S's global customer base.  In addition, Sam coordinates scheduling to conduct Field Service maintenance visits with customers. 


And now the letters... please read and decide for yourself if this is someone you would want to be programming your voting machine? 


 From:  www.herald-dispatch.com

Voice of the people
Scheer way off about gun lawsuits

I recently read in this pitifully left-leaning
editorial section that the spineless, thoughtless,
moral less, useless, left-wing liberal America hater
Robert Sheer is unsuccessfully attempting to use an
apples-to-oranges comparison to wrongfully attack our
Second Amendment rights. What a loser.

Does he actually think, which obviously is very
difficult for him and his ilk, that if I took a Ford
and purposely ran over him, that his family should be
able to sue Ford or the dealership which sold it to me
for damages?

Unbelievably, he must, because he also believes that
if I were to take a Smith & Wesson and blast his
little pea brain to bits, that his family should be
able to sue the manufacturer and the gun dealer who
sold it to me. He just doesn't get it.

As he sits around groveling and talking to himself in
the pathetically miserable world he often describes, I
imagine he needs his dribble bib changed between each
sentence he ekes out on his word processor.

Sam Hogsett
Crown City, Ohio
Letters to the editor  (second letter)

Apply drug laws to government landlords

The editorial opinion given by The Herald-Dispatch on
cracking down on landlords and confiscating their
property is totally correct as long as the same rules
apply to city, county, state and federal housing

Imagine every time there is a drug bust in a Section 8
housing property, we the people will be able to evict,
confiscate and, according to a recent Supreme Court
decision, develop the property into something useful
and profitable.

We can't just arrest, evict and rent the property out
again. Forfeiture is the only answer, since our
government won't do background checks on their tenants
or more importantly, random drug test on all Section 8
residents and welfare recipients.

Why should we expect more out of private landlords
than we expect out of our tax-supported welfare

Sam Hogsett
Crown City, Ohio

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