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By Paddy Shaffer
Director, The Ohio Election Justice Campaign

December 31, 2007

It seems that on this final day of 2007, that a stiff drink might be needed for some who have been following the Ohio Election Theft fiasco from 2004. I rarely drink, but recommend a stiff one now for those of you that can be responsible consumers. Compliments of a reporter, I was just sent the following article:

This link is for a Saturday August 11, 2007 Cincinnati Enquirer blog titled "Clermont County's ballots.

From the article:
Brunner had no firsthand knowledge about the two stickered ballots, but said her staff is committed to painstakingly examining any lingering questions or concerns about 2004, while working to improve future elections.

Please make note that on August 6th, 2007 I was in Secretary Brunner's office with Dr. Richard Hayes Phillips photographing those very ballots. We were in room 1706, on the 17th floor. We went to the 16th floor via elevator, to the office of Secretary Brunner and in person made a request (which I had done hours earlier via phone as per the suggestion of Doug Miller) to Bobbie Gilbert, Jennifer Brunner's Executive Assistant that we were inviting Secretary Brunner to come to room 1706 to view the stickered ballots. This is the actual physical evidence of the theft of the 2004 Presidential Election, which was right there in her office, in a room where Doug Miller her Manager of Security was overseeing our photographing of these election records. We told Bobbie that if we even only had 20 to 30 seconds of the Secretary's time, we just thought it very important that she see the actual ballots. Bobbie Gilbert said that Secretary Brunner was too busy that day. I then requested that she come herself or send other staff, Chris Nance, Kellye Pinkleton, Kathy Spinelli, Brian Green, or other top staff. Just send someone to come and see the stickered ballots while they were there.

Richard and I went back to room 1706, and spent the next several hours continuing to photograph Clermont, Delaware, and other county ballots. Not one of Ohio Secretary of State, Jennifer Brunner's staff, nor Brunner herself showed up to look at these stickered ballots. Doug Miller, Manager of Security did see it, as did several other staff members that came into the room to speak to or to help Doug. One lady that was having a job interview got to see one of the ballots when we took it to Doug's personal office to have natural light with which to photograph it by his window. The conference room we were working in had a yellowish light to it. Richard and I wanted to show everyone, tell everyone in the office we could the story. So there are a few people there that have seen stickered ballots. We hope their jobs are safe. But why would the leadership people avoid this?

I must question this... Brunner had no firsthand knowledge about the two stickered ballots, but said her staff is committed to painstakingly examining any lingering questions or concerns about 2004, while working to improve future elections.

How does ignoring and avoiding any look at the 2004 election (with the slight exception of some changes in Cuyahoga County... though still no one has gone to jail there, or anywhere for the many documented election crimes) count as being, "committed to painstakingly examining any lingering questions or concerns about 2004...."?

It has now been 146 days since she was asked to meet with what has become The Ohio Election Justice Campaign, and there has been no meeting. It is the last day of the year 2007. Not one person has served time in jail for this election theft, the largest crime in the world. Brunner has in her possession over 2200 boxes of 2004 ballots and election records, which they refuse to investigate, including the stickered Clermont County ballots. The Attorney General also has not investigated, although he and his office have Dr. Richard Hayes Phillips book full of detailed information and statistics on those ballots. Brunner has many chapters of the book. Both offices have a large amount of information that I have provided, and information from Tim Kettler and Paul Harmon Esq. They both have all the information in the King Lincoln lawsuit. Both offices have Sherole Eaton's whistleblower lawsuit regarding the Triad technician switching out the hard drive on the voting machine tabulator prior to the recount.

Just when does this nation see justice? When do the people paid to enforce our laws actually enforce them and represent the people, and not these corrupt election officials and employees of the voting machine company's? How much can we as the public allow them to ignore, and for some of us, how much can we ignore because it's just not comfortable to deal with the magnitude of the lies. So if this has all been illegal, and this constitutional crisis blows out, what part must the average citizen play? What does that mean to us individually. What if you voted for or against these election thief's...? Will you let it continue for your kids? I've had people say... "My guy won so why should I care". Wow... you are the folks with the biggest "enabler" burden to carry. I hope those stones are heavy on your shoulders, I hope one day you hurt like this country is hurting, this is just NOT allowable. Please put some deep thought into this.

For those of you that say, it couldn't have happened there were both Democrats and Republicans there. I have an important observation to share with you, both parties were involved. This may be a reason the current Attorney General and Secretary of State don't want to deal with it. Would such scandal help the Democrats win a presidential year? No, it won't help anyone. This is terrible, treasonous, rotten issue for everyone. The Republicans as the beneficiaries own much of it. Then there is the Ohio State Democratic Party, and the National Democratic Party, who have both allowed this to happen. I do mean allowed, they know. Then there is John Kerry and John Edwards, who have both been provided with documents on the election fraud. Both also have neglected to take on the issue. I gave them to Kerry; my brother provided them to Edwards.

At this point I don't bother to ask what party the election officials represent because we have mountains of evidence that both deserve credit. Lets start where my investigation started, it was Delaware County Democrat and Deputy Director of the Board of Election Kim Spangler, along with Delaware County Democrat and Board of Election member John Myers who stepped up to block the 2004 recount. John claimed such a high level of poverty for that BOE that they couldn't afford to plug in the tabulators for the recount, thus the temporary injunction to stop the recount, which they were taking to court to make permanent, which then blocked the full state. I asked John Myers if they needed a 220 outlet like a clothes dryer, or a regular wall outlet? John said a regular wall outlet. I then told him to unplug the coffee pot. The budget for the Delaware County BOE for 2004 was over $900,000.00 and they can't afford to plug into a wall outlet in the Rutherford B. Hayes County Building. Oddly enough, the building is named for a former US President that also stole his election. Go figure.

In just under 7 hours it will be 2008, another Presidential Election Year. Whoopee... the same alleged criminals run everything. Please to all the Americans out there that read this, this is not a partisan issue. This is national security, treason, the blatant arrogant trashing of democracy. Join us and take a stand, make your voice heard. NEVER AGAIN!!! All the "Looking Forward" that the Secretary of State has been doing is leaving us totally unprepared for the upcoming elections, with the same alleged criminals in place. How is this preparing? Now she plans to give them 15 days to run elections, let them know which precincts will be the ones to be audited for a recount, close the small precincts for super precincts which destroys the usage of historical data on how an area votes, and more. This is dire. Plus we can spend more money on more crap machines to tabulate our votes, machines that Colorado just decertified. And what about those Clermont County ballots that Brunner should have learned about as a candidate, or when we went to her office to invite her to see them, which in the below article she claims to have no firsthand knowledge about. Plausible deniability doesn't work. We all know about those ballots, and Secretary Brunner should be embarrassed to claim ignorance of them.

Please read the below article, and access the above link to see it in its original format. Thanks to Carl Weisner for writing this blog article.


Saturday, August 11, 2007
Clermont County's ballots

Jon Craig brings you the sage of the missing ballots in Sunday's Enquirer. You can also read it here.


The groups behind the lawsuit say they have uncovered evidence of possible tampering in Clermont County, a traditionally Republican-leaning county where Bush won easily.

For example: oval-shaped stickers were inexplicably found on at least 10 ballots in Clermont County, for several state and local races as well as president and the same-sex marriage ballot issue.

The tiny white stickers would have blocked an optical scanner from counting a vote for the pencil mark that’s visible below. Two of those ballots from Pierce Township were preserved and observed by Enquirer reporters Thursday.

Brian Green, an elections attorney at Brunner’s office, confirmed that the stickered presidential ballot – which negated a vote for Kerry – is perplexing and that the Bush oval above it clearly has a darker, wider pencil mark. None of the other ovals marked on the two-page ballot are as dark or outside the oval to the same extent.

Clermont County elections officials said they no longer use stickers to remake spoiled or mismarked ballots. The county has since purchased newer optical scanners that would not count stickered ballots.

Clermont County Board of Elections Director Mike Keeley, who became director in March 2006, said he is unaware of anyone misusing stickers during the 2004 election. The county’s newer optical scanning equipment would not count votes if stickers were placed on ballots today, he said.

“That would show as an invalid ballot,” he said Thursday. “That was old equipment, old procedures, old process.”

The county’s former Board of Elections director, Daniel Bare, did not return phone calls for comment, but Bob Drake of Anderson Township, a mathematical education professor at the University of Cincinnati, signed a sworn affidavit saying Bare and other county election workers acknowledged stickers were used to cover stray marks on ballots during the 2004 election.

In an interview with The Enquirer, Drake said he and others “noticed some ballots had stickers completely covering (a) Kerry vote. A different shade of pencil where the Bush bubble was filled in. ... There should’ve been an investigation. There was criminal activity.”

Brunner attributed the sticker problems more to inconsistencies in county procedures statewide, something she aims to iron out.

The checkmark present next to the Issue 1 oval is of concern to her, she said, because if it was there before the paper ballot was run through an opti-scan machine, that vote would not have been counted.

Brunner had no firsthand knowledge about the two stickered ballots, but said her staff is committed to painstakingly examining any lingering questions or concerns about 2004, while working to improve future elections.
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